About Overlapp

Creating Authentic Connections and Awesome Discoveries!
We wanted a better way to feel connected to people so we’re building Overlapp to create real connections based on shared experiences.

"Driven by people, not algorithms."
We’re focused on connecting people to people, not to algorithms or brands.

In Overlapp you’re free to be yourself and honest with your feelings. Other people won’t see your feelings unless you allow them. You can find cool experiences in NYC and share your feelings about your experiences and never worry about haters again.

True feelings
No haters
New friends!
Make your wish lists come alive
With Overlapp!

Our Mission

Providing everyone with a better way to connect.
To enable everyone to better understand each other and connect on a more meaningful level through shared experiences.

Illustration of a person on a ladder using large building blocks

Our Vision

Making a world where everyone feels connected.